The Uganda Police Force in partnership with Safe Way Right Way [SWRW] a Non-Governmental Organization devoted to improving road traffic safety in Uganda carried out a five month speed enforcement campaign along Kampala-Malaba Road between February and June 2014.

SWRW donated video evidence radar guns to Uganda Police 9 have been handed over in first segment with 3 more to be procured for following corridor segments.

SWRW with support from Kustoms Signals Ltd conducted a 5 day training of 30 traffic Police officers on use of the speed guns . Sensitisation was at targeted high speed spots on the corridor.


60 traffic Police officers have been trained to date.
6000 Drivers and passengers sensitised in partnership with Uganda Police Force.
• The speed enforcement campaign had a significant impact on reduction of the proportion of over speeding vehicles (average 8%) in general on almost all the sections evaluated.
• Results show that with efficient speed guns and organized enforcement campaign, it is possible to reduce the proportion of over speeding vehicles significantly.
• The evaluation showed that the Police assistant similarly has significant impact on speed reduction (average 54%) both by proportion and overall average speed.
24% reduction in speeds at identified high speed spots along the highway.