Preventing road accidents in accident prone environments

School zones are accident prone environs along the highways mainly due to a high number of schools in the vicinity. SWRW undertook the first phase of road safety improvement at three identified school zones along the Kampala- Busia highway. During this phase we carried out educational and sensitisation of populations around these schools and the school teaching staff. The second phase of the school zone campaign was in line with road environment improvement. SWRW in partnership with Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has installed zebra crossings with nontraditional markings together with traditional “engineering” speed calming measures.

Summary of activities:

5 schools; 5400 children sensitised.
15 crossing guides trained.
15 crossing guide kits provided.
4600 reflective snap band provide to children.
•Road markings and speed calming measures at 3 school zones.
•Road safety education materials handed out to all schools.


•A crossing guide was observed at only one out of five pre intervention. Crossing guides observed at 4 out of 5 schools post intervention.
•Four months after intervention over 70% of pupils observed used the crossings provided.
•Over 12% increase in children looking left and right post intervention.
40% decrease in children running across the road in comparison to pre-intervention.
17% increase in knowledge of safest places to cross.
64% increase in children walking single file following intervention.