Professional Driver Training Uganda (PDTU) is an initiative aimed at building the capacity of Heavy goods Vehicles and passenger Service Vehicles. The project is implemented by GIZ E4D/SOGA - Employment and skills for Eastern Africa, Safe Way Right Way and Transaid, with the support from industry partners, in partnership with the Uganda Government. PDTU is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, DFID and NORAD. Successful professional driver training is intended to lead to increased employment of Ugandan drivers and improved road safety in Uganda ... READ MORE


"No matter how technologically advanced vehicles are, the man behind the wheel - the driver - will always be the critical success factor for attaining safer and efficient road transport



On 3rd March 2018 a delegation of officials from the Directorate of Petroleum, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development visited the Professional Driver Training Uganda (PDTU) training site in Mukono. The delegation wanted to get a first-hand impression of the training and receive some information on the current project status. The delegation was led by Ronald Goboola, responsible for national content within the Directorate of Petroleum. The delegation was introduced to the project structure, objectives and achievements made until today by representatives of the project partners Safeway Right way and GIZ E4D/SOGA. After an elaborate discussion and Q&A session the PDTU driving instructors Deo Kahiigwa and Andrew Ssejjemba gave an introduction into the safe coupling and uncoupling of a trailer on to and from a tractor unit. The visitors were impressed by the detailed knowledge and teaching skills of the two instructors and agreed that this training is necessary to build up a professional driving sector and to bring people into decent employment.

The Professional Driver Training Uganda Project aims to build up professional heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and passenger service vehicle (PSV) driver training Uganda in cooperation with industry partners to promote road safety and employment in the logistics sector. The projected is implemented jointly by Safeway Right way, Transaid and GIZ under the GIZ Employment for Sustainable Development / Employment and Skills for Eastern Africa Initiative (E4D/SOGA), a project implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Partners launch Professional Driver Training Uganda project

6 July 2017 – At least 12 driver trainers and 800 drivers of Large Commercial Vehicles are set to receive training in accordance with the East African Community Standardised Curriculum for Drivers of Large Commercial Vehicles...Learn more

Sensitization and registration of professional drivers commences

17 August 2017 – The Professional Driver Training Uganda (PDTU) project has kicked off a campaign to sensitize and register drivers for a programme aimed at improving the quality of training for drivers and driving instructors in Uganda. ...Learn more


What are the benefits of the training?
• Increased skills and employability
• Job Progression / Promotion
• Improved road safety

What qualifications does one need to be eligible?
• For CM (medium truck) training, one needs to have held a B class licnce for a minimum of three years and be over 25 years of age
• For CH (heavy truck) training, one needs to have held a CM class licence for at least three years and be over 30 years of age Find

Where is the training taking place?
• Safe Way Right Way has established a new training facility at the Sibed Transport Ltd. yard in Mukono. The facility will offer theoretical and practical training to drivers of Heavy Goods Vehicles and Passenger Service Vehicles.
• Currently, all training will be held here, although should the opportunity arise to have a training facility in other locations, that will be considered too.

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